Wiz Spirit Bulb - Multicolored

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WiZ - the lighting system of the Internet age.

Controllable via app (free of charge), optional remote control, with existing light switch (switch-on behaviour definable). Very simple installation: turn in the lamp or put up the light, switch on/off 3 times, start WiZ App and connect the lamp. That's it. All data is stored in the secure WiZ cloud and can be shared with friends and family.

Product Features
Features - 220 - 240 volts / 13W
- 806 lm
- 25.000 hours lifetime
- 64,000 white tones adjustable
- 16 million factory tones
- 20 different light scenes and colour modes
- installed in only 30 seconds
- No hub or gateway required
- free app for iPhone and Android
- Timer and custom colors
- more than 20 different lighting effects
- Lighting effects adjustable in speed and brightness
- definable scene when switching on

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