Turtle Beach Gaming Keyboard Impact 700

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The Turtle Beach IMPACT 700 Gaming Keyboard features laser-engraved, illuminated Cherry MX Brown keys, steel-reinforced construction and delivers precise control, durable quality and a cool look for professional gamers.

In addition to the large, steel-reinforced chassis and blue-grey keytop for stability and the distinctive backlight, the keyboard also features Cherry MX Brown switches that deliver a pleasingly responsive, tactile feel .

The laser-engraved keys are highlighted with red backlighting (adjustable from soft to hard) and there are multiple lighting modes to switch between depending on the environment or mood.

6-key rollover with full anti-ghosting allows you to control games quickly and precisely, even with multiple keys pressed simultaneously. The IMPACT 700 also includes microphone and audio connections (each 3.5 mm) as well as two USB 2.0 ports with direct audio pass-through. So any combination of gaming headset and mouse is no problem.

Enough space
No more typing errors like with keys that are too close together on small keyboards. Use a full-size, 104-key keyboard with laser-engraved lettering.

Cherry MX Brown
Cherry MX Brown keyswitches provide a pleasantly responsive, tactile feel for quick and repeated keystrokes.

Glows in the dark
Laser-engraved keys feature red backlighting (adjustable from soft to hard) and multiple lighting modes to switch between depending on the environment or mood.

Always the center of attention
With two USB connections with audio pass-through and pink and green microphone/audio ports, you can connect all your gaming accessories to the keyboard and just play.

Every keystroke counts
The 6-key rollover with full anti-ghosting allows you to control games with fast finger movements without missing inputs.

Long service life
A steel-reinforced chassis with a blue-gray keyplate offers strength, durability and a distinctive backlight.

Additional Gaming Keys
For particularly active gamers, the keyboard comes with additional gaming keycaps including a metal removal aid, so that your keys always look like new.

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