Thüros T1 BBQ Grill - Stainless Steel Table Grill with Hood

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The THÜROS T1 BBQ is the ideal compact barbecue for home, camping or a picnic. With a height of 22 cm, it has the optimal size for barbecuing on a table.
Due to corner protectors on the base plate, even most sensitive surfaces are secured against scratches. Edges are bend inwards to minimise sharp edges to the maximum. Moreover, the cooking grates are made with stabilising braces which keep your food safe on the grate while adding new charcoal.

A great advantage of the THÜROS T1 BBQ is that the T1 is already fully equipped for barbecuing. With the BBQ Hood (BBQH30) which has an ergonomic handle and a suitable water pan (WS3035E) you can start to grill indirect right away.

Thanks to its compactness, the T1 can even be cleaned in a commercial dish-washer after cooling down and taking out the ashes. This also applies to the electropolished as well as food-safe cooking grate.

Product Features
Features - made of stainless steel V2A / 4301
- barbecue is already pre-assembled
- stainless steel base plate with corner protectors
- charcoal tray made of stainless steel
- measures barbecue without attachments (heigth x width x depth): 22 cm x 32 cm x 32 cm
- Cooking area: 30x30 cm
- Total height incl. roof: 42 cm
- Connection to gas bottle: No
- Manufacturer guarantee: 25 years quality guarantee on the grill body
- Availability guarantee: Yes
- TÜV/ GS: Yes
- TÜV CERT: GS certified safety by TÜV Thüringen
- Suitable for number of people: 1 - 6
- Cooking area adjustable in height: with attachment - mountable wind deflector A3030E
- Air regulation: No
- Ash tray: No
- Convertible: Yes
- Type of operation: charcoal grill

ATTENTION: To be able to use other accessories, the barbecue hood must be removed.
Scope of supply: Tabletop grill body, charcoal tray, cooking grate

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