Tefal Cube Toaster 2S, SS TT420D30

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Make delicious and crispy toasts with the elegant toaster Tefal Inox Cube. It has a front panel with 3 backlit buttons and a thermostat to set the correct heating temperature. The appliance is available in a stylish stainless steel look and perfectly completes any kitchen. Choose from up to seven levels of toasts With the thermostat you can set up to 7 temperatures. Thanks to the magnifying glass, you will always know how much your toast is roasted. The remaining buttons are illuminated and offer the function to defrost or heat a previously baked bread. There is also a stop button for quick and easy stopping. The toaster is easy to maintain The toaster also has a practical function of high stroke, so you won't have to worry with smaller pieces of bread. The variable width of the compartments allows you to make thin and thicker toast. The removable crumb tray is easy to maintain. The whole appliance is made of stylish stainless steel and has noble chrome elements, so it will be an elegant addition to your kitchen. Product Features Features - With this great helper you conjure up a delicious breakfast - On the front of the toaster you will find control buttons that prepare food according to your wishes. - With the thermostat you can easily select up to seven tanning levels - Other buttons are backlit and are intended for thawing, heating or stopping current activities. - Easy removal of even smaller toasters enables high lift - Power consumption: 980 W

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