Targus Cycling 15.6 'Laptop Backpack Black

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The all new Targus Work & Play 'Cycling' backpack is perfect for commuters and cyclists on the way to work.

This lightweight backpack is a compact and practical everyday bag with a number of handy compartments to carry everything from laptops, work essentials, keys, your bike lock and bike helmet. call

Comfortable back padding system and mesh shoulder straps to maximize airflow around the back. It lies comfortably on you for optimal weight distribution. Get ready for action.

You get the technical ingenuity that has made Targus the leader in its category.

Along with the generous capacity you need and the separate compartments (including a separate wet garment bag) to help you achieve your work-life balance facilitate. There's even a subtle, ventilated compartment designed to carry your work or cycling shoes.

Backpack genius that takes things up a notch.

Available since December 2017, it carries your luggage when it comes to making commuting to and from work easier.

It keeps your laptop, work clothes, accessories and sports gear in one place for more security.

Padded shoulder straps ensure optimal comfort, while reflective strips increase your visibility and safety while riding.

The smart way for professionals who bike to work to carry their laptop, work supplies, workwear or cycling gear together.

  • Carry Your laptop (up to 15.6'), work supplies and cycling gear together.
  • Lightweight, durable and intelligently engineered for professionals with active lifestyles.
  • Ventilated back padding for comfortable cycling to and from work.

Item features Technical information :

  • Shock-absorbing notebook compartment for screen sizes up to 15.6' .
  • Padded shoulder straps for comfort.
  • Spacious compartments with straps to separate work gear from cycling gear.
  • The well thought-out construction ensures that your contents are safely stored and ensures maximum comfort when you are cycling at high speed. Chest straps provide additional security.
  • Discreet, lined and ventilated compartment for work or cycling shoes.
  • You can use the side compression straps to reduce the volume and profile of the backpack.
  • Screwdrivers, repair kits, Allen keys and tire levers can be stored in the practical bottom compartment.
  • There are also numerous options on the front for attaching a helmet, bike lock and lamps.
  • A side pocket for your phone so you can listen to music wirelessly or wired through the headphones.
  • A compartment in the floor that stores a glowing rain cover.
  • A zippered lumbar pocket integrated into the back padding to securely store your small valuables while still keeping them within reach.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty Features Targus TSB949EU. Material: Nylon, Polyurethane, Color of product: Black, Coloring: Monotone. Width: 240mm Depth: 300mm Height: 490mm

    SKU: 5051794023381


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