St. Dupont fountain pen Stylo Plume

by S.T. Dupont - Seller
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The most powerful and precise fountain pen of its generation. Designed as a sophisticated object. Its dynamic, bold and elegant design makes the fountain pen contemporary and masculine at the same time.

Its innovative and unique construction combines a high precision injected metal frame finished in palladium and a carbon fiber body.

Never before has a fountain pen provided you with such an intense and fast gliding sensation.

Fountain pen D-initial is black chrome-plated. The balanced cylindrical shape, the perfect size and the optimized weight guarantee real writing comfort. The stainless steel nib is size M.

Dimensions L 151.70 x W 11 mm
Materials palladium, natural finish
Weight 38g

ST Dupont pens are made with the utmost care by our artisans.

To maintain their shine and performance over the years, we ask that you follow the care instructions below:

  • Please clean all kinds of surfaces with a soft cloth. Solvent based products are strictly discouraged.

  • For silver-plated surfaces, use a special cutlery cloth that you can get from a specialist retailer. Silver is a precious material that can show signs of oxidation over time. This natural phenomenon can be amplified if your pen is in contact with leather or rubber for a long time.

  • ST Dupont cartridges should preferably be used for fountain pens. Please clean the supply channel of the pen unit regularly. Use the converter to circulate cold water through the capillary and repeat the piston effect until the water that comes out is clear. To avoid spillage when traveling by plane, load your pen with a new cartridge or full converter and carry the tip up.

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    S.T. Dupont
    S.T. Dupont
    Product type
    ballpoint pen
    Country of origin
    EAN / GTIN
    Manufacturer part number
    S/N 5EZCP31
    Height (cm)
    Length (cm)
    Gross weight (kg)
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