Springlane Kitchen vacuum sealer Vince with roll holder cutter 150w

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Vacuum sealing has never been so easy - thanks to Vince Tender salmon or juicy steak - no matter what you want to prepare with the sous vide method, with the Vince vacuum sealer from Springlane Kitchen you are well prepared for vacuuming your food. But it is not only indispensable as a sous vide helper - airtight sealed food also stays fresh longer. The matching film rolls are therefore included in the set.

The set comes with Vince vacuum sealer, roll holder, 5 foil bags and a 2-piece foil roll set.

One push of a button is enough and then full suction power ahead!
Vacuuming is so easy with Vince: fill the bag, place it in the vacuum sealer with the opening first, close the lid and start the fully automatic vacuuming and sealing process. Vince automatically seals the bag once the air has been completely evacuated. The extra strong weld seam prevents air or liquid from penetrating the bag.

You can also use the manual start/stop function for sensitive foods.

Small or large: You determine the bag size
When vacuuming with Vince, only use foil bags with a maximum width of 30 cm and a knobbed structure on one side. The enclosed 5 foil bags and 2 foil rolls are exactly tailored to it.

To adapt the film rolls, simply attach the roll holder, insert a film roll and use the cutter to cut the film to the desired size.

Thanks to the sealing function without vacuuming, you can make your own individual bags. You can also seal fruit, vegetables and co. in bags to keep them fresh without vacuuming them.

Easy to use
3 clearly laid out control buttons – that's all you need to get Vince going. It couldn't be simpler or more intuitive.

Vince can do even more
To help you enjoy fruit and veggies longer, Vince comes with a food storage container port that makes it quick and easy to evacuate air (container sold separately).

Vacuum sealing with maximum comfort
Meat juice or other liquids have ended up in the housing? Don't worry: liquids end up in the drip tray, which can be removed for easy cleaning. Vince is also easy to disassemble and hand-clean with a damp cloth.

Tested safety: Vince vacuum sealer is GS-certified by Eurofins.


  • Set size: 3 pieces
  • Color: black / silver / white
  • Power (Watts): 150
  • Collection channel is dishwasher-safe
  • Fully automatic vacuuming and sealing process
  • manual start/stop function
  • Sealing function without vacuuming
  • 3 clear control buttons

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