Splash Toys Dragon Fairies

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Ready for magic? Use Princess Dragon's wand to immerse yourself in a magical world of magic: If you move the wand, it works like a spell: you can see exciting animations with an adventurous princess on the wand's screens. And that's not all! Included is also a cute dragon figure, which is recognized by the wand using RFID technology and is included in the magical world, so to speak: Now you can also see the dragon as an animation on the magic wand screens. The additional dragon figures Magical Dragons to collect (sold separately) provide additional animations. So more magical adventures are imminent! By the way, you can not only play alone with the magic wand, but also with each other! Magic wand against magic wand or in other words: Who makes the more magical spell with his magic wand? From 6 years.

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Splash Toys
Dragon Fairies
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Toy weapon
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