Software Pyramid 97043 Switch Lite: Complete protection

by Software Pyramide - Seller
Condition: New
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Designed for comfort: Padded handles on the back make playing for a long time much more comfortable.

Easy to remove: The protective cover consists of a specially developed, flexible TPU material that allows quick attachment and removal.

port, button, air ventters and kickstand Access: The protective cover has been specially developed for the Nintendo Switch Lite and therefore has appropriately placed excerpts, so that all functions (except TV docking and joy-con removal) are accessible without to remove the housing.

Protective glass: The extremely thin protective glass of the latest generation offers sensitive Nintendo Switch Lite displays the ultimate protection against scratches, shocks and other damage and thus increases the longevity of the Nintendo Switch Lite. It's easy to apply and remove residue without residue.

Special features of the protective cover:
- Two card slots for two games each
- Comfort handle

Scope of delivery:
- 1x protective cover
- 1x Premium protective glass
- 1x cleaning set

SKU: 4012160970433


Software Pyramide
Product type
Game Console Accessories - Nintendo Switch
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