Russell Hobbs 21352-56 Smoothie Maker 22,300 rpm

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With the Explore Mix & Go Juice on-the-go nutrition has never been easier to maintain. From breakfast smoothies to fuel for the gym, the moment you use our Explore Mix & Once you've tried Go, you'll never want it to leave your site again. With two different bottle sizes, a citrus juicer and stainless steel ice crusher blades, you can let your imagination run wild. Easy to use and easy to clean, it's a juicer and personal blender designed with you in mind.

Berries, fruits and vegetables - even ice cream. The Mix & Go takes care of everything. The stainless steel blades flash your ingredients to the desired consistency. Also use it as a handy citrus press by attaching the large (oranges and grapefruit) or small (lemons and limes) citrus cone and citrus press attachment. There is a pressure-activated autostart that occurs as soon as the fruit is pressed onto the cone.

Juicing Citrus press attachment can be used to extract juice from oranges, grapefruits, lemons and limes.

Personal blend Includes personal blender for quick and easy mixing. Perfect for smoothies, protein shakes and any other type of mix.

Item specifics - 1 x 600ml bottle - 1 x 400ml bottle - BPA free

SKU: 4008496878536


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