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Who conquers the world? If 2-5 players aged 10 and over have a strategic fight on the game board, risk is the order of the day. This edition of the undisputed board game classic puts the players in a time of powerful commander, daring campaigns and a swinging capitulations. With a elaborately designed game plan in a nostalgic look, detailed game figures, secret mission cards and cardboard boxes as a practical material warehouse, this edition of the famous strategy game is a must-have for retro and risk fans. At risk, the players tactically cleverly put their armies on the game board to strategically cleverly fill these areas. But while they are trying to conquer other lands, the opposing armies are already in position. They march in and attack with infantry, cavalry and artillery. A risky battle begins and since the fights are fought out with dice, nobody knows which unpredictable events arrive, and who ultimately leads his army to victory. In this magnificent edition, the risky battles awaken in detail. The game schedule appears in the look of an ancient world map and the characters (soldiers, riders and cannons) in detail. The fight for world domination can begin with a total of 56 cards - including 42 area tickets, 2 joker cards and 12 mission cards. Whether the players enter into alliances to compete against a single general or have to escape an attack from the ambush - everything is possible at risk. This risk edition includes 4 game variants, so that every risk player finds his favorite. 4 game variants: 1) The game variant ’order risk’ comes up with 12 mission cards. A player named as a general told each player a mission card. This describes the order that the respective player has to carry out. For example, whether it is important to destroy the Blue Army or to carry out another daring mission, and the risk of order is to follow the commands that specify the cards. Since nobody knows which missions the opponents have to fulfill, this game variant is particularly risky, because one player can unintentionally help another victory. 2) In the game variant ’classic risk’ it is important to fill all areas on the game plan and to be the sole ruler of the world. 3) With ’risk duel’, 2 players deliver an exciting showdown for world domination. 4) under time pressure? Then play this variant. ’Turbo risk’ is about conquering all opposing headquarters without losing your own. So a faster component comes into play and there is always time for a rapid round risk. But be careful: which variant you choose, you play at your own risk. This risk edition contains: 1 schedule, 5 different colored armies from a total of 300 game characters, 56 cards, 5 cubes (in the purple-colored box), 5 material boxes made of cardboard < /p>

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