Red Age under tabler addiction heating ISHW 6010 T white

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The RED AGE workplace heater is an excellent solution for local heating of the workplace. Due to the design features, the panels can be installed directly at the workplace (on the floor or under the table).

The placement and installation of the panels is kept as simple as possible and can be carried out in a very short time. By heating the panels to 85°C, you can warm up the employee's workplace without having to heat the entire room. Autonomous infrared electric heating is a system that saves up to 60% energy compared to alternative heating systems.

RED AGE panels combine infrared heat with optimal spectral properties, creating exceptional thermal comfort and the possibility of ceiling installation. Thanks to these two properties, high-quality thermal heating is created in the workplace. The high efficiency of our panels is based on the special construction, the properties of the heating element and the large heat dissipation surface. The quick change to the respective operating mode is another criterion for evaluating the efficiency. Thanks to the structured arrangement of the heating element, the fastest possible heating is achieved over the entire surface of the panel.

With the remote control you can set the individual comfort temperature according to personal preferences and ambient temperatures.

Item specifics

  • 2 mm stainless steel with powder-coated finish
  • safe, rounded corners
  • Wear resistance
  • Remote surface temperature control, weekly programmable thermostat
  • ultra-thin plate
  • Warm-up time (min): 8-10
  • Power (Watts +/-5%): 170
  • Front surface temperature (°C): 85 +/- 5
  • Mains voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Front material: 2mm steel with powder coating
  • Installation: Under the table
  • Certificates: conform to EU safety standards
  • Model series: ISHW
  • Warranty: 2 year warranty

    Guarantee: 2 years of warranty

    SKU: 4251533301430


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