Osann Child seat Coco I-Size Gray Melange

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The new premium baby seat is a real natural talent, which comes with many great extras. The unique shape is reminiscent of a cocoon in which newly hatched pupae grow into beautiful butterflies. We have taken this development literally and would like to accompany your little ones on their way to becoming a butterfly.

The Coco i-Size is not only an eye-catcher, the comfort cushion inside also invites you to linger. Your darling can grow and thrive in peace and quiet in the softly padded, cuddly little nest. The removable, 6-way adjustable insert is filled with shock-absorbing foam padding and is therefore perfect for newborns. The flexible travel system of the baby seat Coco i-size also makes it possible for parents to attach the baby seat to all Maxi-Cosi strollers and/or other common manufacturers via an adapter.

Our Coco belongs to the i-Size family, a new standard that relates to the child's height and not weight. I-size child seats are always installed with Isofix to minimize the risk of incorrect installation. The Isofix base is optionally available.

Item specifics

  • adjustable canopy, independent of the carrying handle
  • Removable head pad with memory foam
  • Removable, highly supportive seat reducer
  • Shock-absorbing foam padding for newborns in the back and pelvic area
  • XXL sun canopy for optimal protection against UV radiation
  • Centrally adjustable belt system
  • 6-way adjustable belt system
  • Air Flow System for better air circulation
  • Optionally available with Isofix base (i-Size)
  • Fastening with Isofix base or 3-point belt system
  • Travel System (TS): Baby seat is compatible with all Maxi Cosi stroller adapters and other common brands
  • Side impact protection (Side Protection System)
  • Dimensions and details:
    • i-Size 40-80 cm
    • Weight 4.8 kg
    • External dimensions W 44 x H 57 x L 65 cm
    • Seat W 20 x H 42 x D 27 cm
  • 3-point harness
  • Attachment with 3-point belt / Isofix station
  • Mounting direction: backwards

    SKU: 4016428005875


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