With the power of nature

Mankind has known about the healing powers of nature for thousands of years. With recollection of this ancient knowledge, ONESENSE products use natural formulas adapted to our modern times.  Pamper yourself and do something good for your body.

Our mission at ONESENSE is to provide high quality supplements which can help improve your quality of life. Therefore, we use only the highest quality of raw materials. Our products are free of artificial additives, lactose, gluten or allergens. This allows the active ingredients to unfold their full power!

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Step bystep to a better quality of life 

The right timing

Although the time of intake does not play an 
important role for most food supplements, it 
is recommended to take them at breakfast. Especially 
vitamins with a stimulating effect – such as the B vitamins – 
should not be taken in the evening. An exception is magnesium, 
which can contribute to a better quality of sleep due to its calming effect.

Combine smartly

To cover different vitamin needs, often a collection of supplements 
is taken in the form of several capsules per day. While most 
preparations can be taken in combination without hesitation, 
for some it is advisable to take them at intervals. 
If you do not want to worry about the right combination, we created 
a convenient multivitamin product - the All in One Drink.

Quality and safety

Generally, in food supplements, particular attention should be paid to 

the quality of the ingredients. Many commercial products contain 
unnecessary preservatives, binders and other additives which are not 
a reflection of a high-quality product. ONESENSE does not 
use any kind of additives and thus ensures that only healthy ingredients 
are contained in our products.

Healthy Lifestyle

Taking vitamin supplements should best be complementary to a 
healthy lifestyle. The effect of dietary supplements can develop 
optimally if attention is also paid to such factors as sufficient exercise, 
a healthy diet and regular sleep. With a healthy lifestyle, 
food supplements support and strengthen the positive effect and bring 
more vitality and a better performance!