NUK glass bottle first choice plus silicone 120ml - turquoise

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NUK glass bottle first choice plus silicone 120ml

The most natural teat for your baby

NUK FIRST CHOICE has been the first choice for bottle feeding based on breastfeeding for many years. With NUK FIRST CHOICE+ we have succeeded in getting even closer to nature – for a healthy jaw development and a drinking feeling like at the mother's breast.

Product advantages:

  • clinically proven: ideal for combining breastfeeding and bottle feeding*
  • particularly soft: jaw-friendly teat: made of silicone size. 1 (0-6 months) (S = for e.g. tea, breast milk), M = e.g. for formula)
  • prevents colic: improved anti-colic air system
  • easy to fill and clean: thanks to the extra wide bottle neck

    Natural and orthodontic
    The special NUK shape is based on the mother's breast when breastfeeding.
    It leaves enough space for your baby’s tongue and jaw to suck naturally.

    Soft as a mother's breast
    Thanks to the new soft zone, the silicone lollipop adapts even better to the palate – for a natural drinking sensation.
    Thanks to its particularly natural shape, the NUK teat is very well accepted by babies.
    This makes it particularly suitable for babies who combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding.*

    Prevents colic
    The improved ANTI-COLIC AIR SYSTEM ensures a natural flow of food – so that your baby can drink in a relaxed manner without swallowing air.

    Advantages of a glass baby bottle:

    Permanently hygienic - high-quality, durable glass and pleasant feel
    Non-toxic and odorless- completely without bisphenol A/S or phthalates
    Easy filling and cleaning - thanks to the extra wide bottle neck
    Secure grip and stand- due to the slightly tapered shape of the bottle with a wide base
    The product can be combined indefinitely with all NUK First Choice products.

    * Scientific study : Moral et al. BMC Pediatrics 2010, 10:6.

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