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Discover the rugged COOLPIX W300 - a weatherproof digital compact camera with dive capability. Benefit from superior image quality, easy connectivity and GPS tracking. For outdoor adventures, for the city - easy for anywhere.

Take a jump in the cold water with the COOLPIX W300 and take photos and videos at depths down to 30m without an underwater housing.¹ The dustproof compact camera also performs reliably on land and lets you take pictures and film at temperatures as low as -10°C.² The shock-resistant housing can withstand falls up to 2.4m.³ Take the Advanced Open Water course, follow impassable trails and conquer ski slopes without worrying about the camera.

With the sensitive back-illuminated CMOS sensor and 1:2.8 speed lens, you can shoot underwater or in low light. The optical 5x zoom corresponds to a focal length range of 24-120 mm (corresponding to 35 mm format). With Dynamic Fine Zoom, you can double the range to 10x, which corresponds to a telephoto focal length of 240 mm in 35mm format.⁴ The macro mode enables extreme close-ups of the smallest wonder worlds above and under water.

See more of the world. And then show more of it. Record video in Ultra High Definition and show what others are missing.
Easily capture stunning 4K/UHD 30p or Full HD (1080p) video on land or underwater. The exposure meter memory ensures evenly exposed film sequences even in changing lighting conditions. This is especially helpful when filming under water. You can save still images while playing movie clips as photos and record MP4 format video optimized for social networking sharing. The Wind Noise Suppression function attenuates the noise generated by the wind as it blows over the camera's built-in stereo microphone during recording.

With the camera's time-lapse and super time-lapse functions, you can easily create dramatic videos.
Capture a sprint on a new track in fast forward motion as a super time-lapse clip. With this clever feature, a central motif can be displayed in rapidly changing scenes and environments. Use the camera to shoot a time-lapse movie of the night sky over the camp. The sun setting on the horizon while you relax on the beach after your dive is also a great subject.

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