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Twilight Sparkle became the Princess of Friendship by mastering her studies, and now she has her own school!

The Twilight Sparkle Magical School of Friendship playset is entertainment inspired and measures 22 inches tall; with 3 levels to explore with the moving elevator.

The school also includes 24 accessories and a Twilight Sparkle pony figure to create fun school stories.

Place the Twilight Sparkle pony figure on the grand entrance to open the door and activate the lights and sounds.

Most My Little Pony 3' pony figures can activate the door by standing on the pin (Other figures each sold separately. Subject to availability)!

Dress Twilight in her fashion accessories, then place them under the light in the fashion classroom to reveal fun patterns.

Turn the handle on the light reel to view friendship pictures as well. Pretend Twilight puts her supplies in the lockers after the school play.

Item specifics.
Includes playset, pony figure, 24 accessories and instructions.

Features :

  • 3-STAGE PLAYSET: Magical School of Friendship playset is 22' tall; with 3 levels. Kids can use the lever-operated elevator to move the included Twilight Sparkle doll between levels of the castle!
  • LIGHT DISCOVERIES: The light in the fashion classroom reveals fun patterns on 6 included fashion accessories, and kids can rotate the scroll's handle to view images from the show.
  • 3' FIGURINE PLAYSET: Place My Little Pony 3' toys on the peg at the castle's grand entrance to open the doors and close the lights and sounds activate! (Additional figures, each sold separately. Subject to availability.)
  • IMAGINE SCENES FROM MY LITTLE PONY FRIENDSHIP ARE MAGIC: Play out School of Friendship scenes with this playset and 24 accessories inspired by Season 8 of the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic television show.
  • FOR KIDS AGED 3+: The interactive playset makes a great birthday gift or Christmas gift for kids aged 3+ who are fans of the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic series.

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