Lurch Manual Food Chopper Gray, White

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The Lurch Vario slicer makes a healthy, balanced diet child's play!

It doesn't matter whether you love vegan, vegetarian, mixed or raw food, this versatile helper makes cooking preparation really fun. - and is also extremely time-saving.

The multifunctional device is the ideal basis for crispy salads, delicious soups, refined main courses and fruity desserts.

How about a healthy snack?

Vegetable chips are very trendy. With the wave cut egg insert, chips can be conjured up from beetroot, potatoes, parsnips and apples in a flash. And at the same time, nutrients and vitamins are fully preserved.

Even a snack for on the go doesn't have to be boring!

A „wrap to go” is prepared quickly here. Simply grate, slice or slice cucumbers, peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, zucchini or salami evenly, fill the wrap with them and off you go.

Are you passionate about Asian cooking at WOK?

Perfect! Simply choose between 3 interchangeable, sharp blades and prepare fine julienne strips from carrots, celery, peppers or vegetable slices in a wide variety of thicknesses.

Rubberised suction cups and a leftovers holder to protect your fingers ensure safe working.

And best of all: Storage is just as easy as working.

The Lurch Vario planer can be folded up very quickly and stowed away to save space!


  • Setting the section thickness
  • Switchable vertical blades in 2 cutting widths
  • 3 interchangeable blade inserts
  • Smooth blade
  • Wave knife for waves and cross cuts
  • Julienne insert for the finest strips of vegetables
  • Non-slip thanks to rubberized feet

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