Leonardo Giardino Candle Holder Transparent

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Condition: New
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Create a dreamlike atmosphere in your home! With the lantern from the GIARDINO series, you can conjure up a zest for life in your four walls. This bulbous lantern is an absolute must-have. With the handmade lantern from LEONARDO you show style and enrich your everyday life with a special feeling for beauty: not only live moments, but enjoy them! With handmade, unique products you can decorate your everyday life even more beautifully.

Be inspired by a modern and sensual design - with LEONARDO. Decoration can be so easy!

Why hesitate any longer? Don't wait long, order quickly! Take advantage of this practical lantern.

Thought with the heart, made by hand: Unique. Products with personality - this logo distinguishes all items that have a unique character due to their manual manufacturing process. Show your profile!

Item Details:

  • Lantern
  • handmade unique piece
  • from the GIARDINO series
  • in a modern style
  • Diameter (cm): 15.3
    SKU: 4002541850935


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