Kodak PM210 black

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Easy and Convinient Wi-Fi Connection
Print your beautiful photos in a minute via fast and easy Wi-Fi connection to the printer. NFC one touch will do the app launch and photo printing.

All-in-One Cartridge
Don't worry about any more hassles with consumable maintenance. Paper sheets and ink ribbon are integrated as a set. D2T2 Printing Technology 3 colors (Yellow, Magenta and Cyan color) are diffused to the photo paper seriately. The 4th layer is overcoating layer and this preserves image quality of photos. Through this laminating process, users do not need to dry photos after printing. Color does not fade and lasts more than 10 years under normal storage condition. Print your memory and keep it forever!

Overcoating Layer
KODAK photo printer cartridges have overcoating layers within the printing process. This laminating process prevents any damages to the image quality. Each photo is finger prints and humitidy resistance.

Good to print Portrait photos
The D2T2 technology is the best for any portrait photos compared to any other photo printing technology. KODAK photo printers are designed to reproduce delicate textures of human faces.Try it and feel the natural skin tone by KODAK photo printer. Get ready to have ID photos in a few minutes at home. Print your ID photos instantly with Kodak photo printer Mini. It is the smallest and portable ID photo booth.

- Kodak PM-210
- Print technology: Dye-sublimation
- Printing colours: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow
- Number of colours: 16.7 M
- USB connector type: Micro-USB

Product Features
Features Kodak PM-210. Print technology: Dye-sublimation, Printing colours: Cyan,Magenta,Yellow, Number of colours: 16.7 M. USB connector type: Micro-USB. Product colour: Black, Market positioning: Home & Office. Width: 76.1 mm, Depth: 152.8 mm, Height: 24 mm

SKU: 8809243714000


Product type
Manufacturer part number
PM-210 black
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