Karlie Doggy Pool Blue 160 x 30cm

by Karlie - Seller myWorld.com
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The Karlie Doggy Pool is the bathing pool for dogs. The pool was designed especially for pets and offers dogs a welcome refreshment in the cool water in summer. It is made of robust materials and easy to build. The pool is simply put down and aligned. An air pump is just as little necessary as other tools. The shape of the pool can be varied during the structure and also changed afterwards. This is particularly useful if the pool is to be placed in a corner, since it can be perfectly inserted there and existing areas are used optimally. The pool has a practical watercourse valve so that the water can be drained off without much effort. And otherwise the cleaning of the easy -care pool is quickly and easily done. If the pool is no longer required, it is folded together in no time and can be stowed away in space. Important: Playing in the pool should always be carried out under the supervision of the owner. It is important to ensure that all toys, like the pool, are kept clean, so that the dog is not exposed to any pathogens. Playing with a damaged toy should be prevented immediately. After a happy day in the pool, the dog should be washed with clean water and then dried thoroughly. Particular attention should be paid to the ears.

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