Kärcher Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner WD 3 V-17/4/20

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The WD 3 V-17/4/20 is powerful suction and energy-efficient with only 1000 watts of power consumption. At the same time, the device as well as the suction hose and the clip-on floor nozzle are optimally matched to each other - for the best cleaning results with dry, wet, fine or coarse dirt. The wet/dry vacuum cleaner scores with its compact design and a robust 17-liter plastic container, 4 m cable, 2 m suction hose and its fleece filter bag. Thanks to the one-piece cartridge filter, vacuuming both wet and dry dirt is possible without changing the filter. The blowing function is useful when cleaning hard-to-reach places. The hose can be stored in a space-saving manner by hooking it to the head of the device. The cable can be stored on the cable hook, pipes and floor nozzles on the bumper. The 'Pull & Push' closure system makes it easy to open and close the container. The handle of the vacuum cleaner can be removed and the accessories plugged directly onto the suction hose. Also clever: tools or small parts can be stored on the surface on top of the unit. The ergonomically shaped carrying handle enables comfortable transport.

One-piece cartridge filter
For wet and dry vacuuming without additional filter change.
Easy filter installation & removal by turning without additional locking part.

Convenient cord and accessory storage
Space-saving, safe and handy storage of accessories.
Safe stowage of the connection cable via the integrated cable hook.

Hose storage on the unit head
Space-saving stowage of the suction hose by hooking it onto the unit head.
Intuitive fixation, suitable for both right- and left-handed users.

Storage area
For safe storage of tools and small parts such as screws and nails.

Practical blowing function
Wherever vacuuming is not possible, the practical blowing function comes to the rescue.
Effortless removal of dirt, e.g. from a gravel bed.

Fleece filter bag
3-layer fleece material, extremely tear-resistant.
For longer lasting suction power and high dust retention.

Intermediate parking of the handle on the unit head.
Quick parking of the handle on the unit head during work interruptions.

Unit, suction hose and floor nozzle are optimally matched to each other
For best cleaning results, whether dry or wet, fine or coarse dirt.
For maximum working comfort and flexibility when vacuuming.

'Pull & Push' closure system.
For easy, fast and safe opening and closing of the container.

Ergonomically shaped carrying handle
Enables comfortable transport of the unit.

Outdoor use, patio and garden
Car interior cleaning
Small amounts of water
Entrance area
Hobby room

Scope of delivery
Storage space for small parts
Removable handle
Suction tubes, 2 pieces
Blow function
Wet/dry suction nozzle, clips
Rotary switch (on / off)
crevice nozzle
Cable hook
Foldable carrying handle
Swivel castors, 4 pieces
Parking position
Cartridge filter, one piece
Suction tubes, 0.5 m
Suction tubes, plastic
Suction tubes, 35 mm
Suction hose, 2 m
Suction hose, plastic
Suction hose, with curved handle
Hose storage on the unit head
Shockproof circulation protection
Fleece filter bag, 1 piece
Accessory storage at the unit head
Additional accessory storage on the unit head
Intermediate parking position of the handle on the unit head

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Alfred Kärcher GmbH
Product type
Multifunctional vacuum cleaner
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