Kärcher multi-purpose vacuum cleaner WD 5 P S V-25/5/22 Workshop

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Suction hose, 2.2 m, with bent handle, plastic
Suction tubes, 2 pieces, 0.5 m, 35 mm, plastic
Wet and dry floor nozzle switchable
crevice nozzle
Suction brush
Adapter for connection of power tools
Flexible suction hose, 1 m
Fleece filter bag, 1 piece
Flat pleated filter, in removable filter cartridge

Our top class multi-purpose vacuum WD 5 with corrosion-free 25 l stainless steel container and an output of 240 Air Watt despite only 1100 Watt power consumption, is an extremely powerful and energy-efficient multi-purpose vacuum for larger quantities of dirt, fine dust and water.

The WD 5 is characterized primarily by its high-quality flat pleated filter, the patented filter removal technology and manual filter cleaning, which is optimal for fine dust. The flat pleated filter is housed in a filter cassette, which can be removed quickly by folding it out completely without contact with dirt. The filter is suitable for wet and dry vacuuming without changing the filter.

In addition, the WD 5 P offers a socket with automatic on/off plus adapter for connecting power tools. Dust generated during drilling, sawing or sanding is extracted directly. The vacuum is automatically switched on or off via the power tool.

Also a highlight of this model is the parking position, as well as an integrated blowing function.
The built-in blow function is ideal for blowing away leaves in the driveway, or dirt behind the workbench. The parking position is ideal for parking the suction tube and floor nozzle at the back of the unit during work stoppages. There is also a practical cable and accessory holder on the vacuum to store accessories safely and within easy reach.

For optimal dirt pickup and first-class suction comfort, the perfect interaction of suction hose and switchable floor nozzle, which is equipped with 2 rubber & 2 brush strips. The easily removable handle allows accessories to be attached directly to the suction hose.

The corrosion-free stainless steel container combines robustness and impact resistance and is also suitable for vacuuming sharp-edged suction material (e.g. broken glass). The patented 3-in-1 handle enables comfortable transport of the unit and easy and fast opening, closing and emptying of the container.

All our wet and dry vacuum cleaners are designed to suck up water and all kinds of dirt. In principle, all wet and dry vacuums can be used bagless, but for fine dust we recommend the use of a bag.

For effective filtration, there is a high-quality flat pleated filter in the device for all cleaning tasks. This convinces with its high dust retention rate, so that dirt does not stand a chance in the exhaust air of the vacuum cleaner. Thanks to the integrated filter cleaning function, the dirty filter can be cleaned quickly and efficiently by pressing the cleaning button, thus quickly restoring the suction power.

Since the filter is located above the container, the flat pleated filters also impress with their durability, compared to conventional cartridge filters.

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Alfred Kärcher GmbH
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Special vacuum cleaner
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