Kärcher high pressure cleaner K 5 Power Control Home & Brush

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High pressure gun, G 160 Q Power Control
Vario Power Jet
Dirt cutter
Surface cleaner, T 5
Rotating washing brushWB 130
High-pressure hose, 10 m
Quick Connect on the appliance side
Cleaning agent insert via, Plug 'n' Clean system
Cleaning agent Stone and facade cleaner 3-in-1, 1 l
Telescopic handle
Water-cooled motor
Integrated water filter
Adapter garden hose connection A3/4

The ideal cleaning solution for regular use & medium dirt around the house (e.g. terraces, paths, walls, swimming pools, garden furniture and equipment as well as for vehicle top washing), as well as for splash-free cleaning of larger areas. For special cleaning tasks, see special accessories.

The K 5 Full Control impresses with good mobility and a lot of comfort, combined with a powerful, robust and water-cooled 2-component pump. Thanks to the G 160 Q Power Control gun, you can easily check the set pressure on the gun's LED display - for maximum control and the ideal pressure for any surface.

For even more control in many cleaning situations and with different cleaning objects, the user can be supported with tips and tricks by the Application Advisor via the Kärcher Home & Garden App. The application advisor describes the optimum pressure level for the selected cleaning object. In addition, the app offers other useful functions such as assembly instructions, maintenance and care instructions, and the Kärcher service portal.

Furthermore, the K 5 Full Control from Kärcher impresses with an extendable telescopic handle made of high-quality aluminum and smooth-running tires for convenient pulling and storage, as well as a stand for more stability. The stand can also be used as a second carrying handle, making it easy to lift the unit onto a shelf or load it into the trunk.

The housing has been equipped with an accessory holder on the back of the device for clean and convenient storage. Additional nozzles and brushes find their place there, but also the Vario-Power jet tube already included in the scope of delivery and the dirt cutter, which provides up to 80% more cleaning performance.

The included WB 130 Rotating Washing Brush with interchangeable attachment is perfect for cleaning all smooth surfaces such as paint, glass or plastic.

The Power Control gun and the connected blasting tube can be conveniently parked in the unit for work breaks. The Full Control Power gun is always at hand and easily accessible.

The Full Control Vario Power blasting wand has the pressure levels SOFT, MEDIUM and HARD as well as the cleaning agent mode (MIX), which are conveniently set by turning the Vario Power blasting wand. Symbols indicate the optimum application areas of the pressure levels.

Of course, the device is equipped with the Quick Connect System, for effortless and time-saving clicking of the high-pressure hose into and out of the device and the gun. Further, the high-pressure cleaner convinces with a lower center of gravity for more stability and a practical hose guide.

With the easily accessible Plug 'n' Clean system, you can change cleaning agents with a flick of the wrist and see the fill level at a glance. Kärcher cleaning agents increase efficiency and extend the enjoyment of the result with protection and care.

The model has an active water intake to suck in water for high-pressure operation. The integrated water fine filter filters impurities from the water.

It also has a motor stop function that causes the motor to shut down when the gun is closed.

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Alfred Kärcher GmbH
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high pressure cleaner
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