Kärcher Hard floor cleaner FC 7 Cordless

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Ergonomic soft handle with 3-stage LED display
Fresh and dirty water tank
4 rollers
Cleaning station
Battery charger

Mops both wet and dry dirt from all hard floors including tile, stone, natural stone, vinyl, PVC, linoleum, sealed cork and wood floors.

The cordless FC 7 Cordless is uniquely effective because it turns two operations into one. This saves a lot of effort and up to 50% of time - it is clearly superior to traditional cleaning with a vacuum cleaner and mop.

A very powerful lithium-ion battery ensures a long runtime of up to 45 minutes, for maximum freedom of movement when cleaning, thanks to independence from the power outlet. A 3-stage LED display serves as an intuitive battery charge level indicator.

The FC 7 Premium works with two counter-rotating pairs of rollers, which are constantly moistened with a cleaning agent solution from a 500 ml tank. Up to 135 m² of surface can be cleaned with one tank filling and the floor is dry and ready to walk on again after less than two minutes.

Two different cleaning modes allow the right roller rotation and amount of water for each type of dirt and floor. For stubborn dirt, the additional boost function ensures cleanliness.

With their 450 - 530 revolutions per minute, the rotating microfiber rollers loosen dried dirt and pick it up from the floor along with dust, particles or small amounts of liquid. The dirt is then wiped off the top of the roller. In this way, continuous cleaning of the microfiber rollers takes place and new dirt can be picked up.

Thus, the device achieves a better cleaning performance with less water consumption than conventional devices such as the mop. This is because the rollers remain clean and only fresh water is used for cleaning. But the Floor Cleaner delivers even more convincing arguments. Compared to conventional methods, the FC 7 Cordless achieves much better cleaning results on all common hard floors with less effort and also saves up to 85% water.

The device is quickly stowed away. The dirty water tank is removed and emptied and the FC 7 Premium is placed on the included cleaning and parking tray, rinsed with fresh water and the rollers can dry in the parking holder. This way, it is ready for use again for the next large or small cleaning in your own four walls.

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Alfred Kärcher GmbH
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Hard floor cleaner
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