Kärcher Electric Mop EWM 2 *EU

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Remove splashes and stains right to the edge - and all without a bucket or effortless scrubbing. Can't? Yes it can! The EWM 2 electric mop with 2 tanks makes it possible - making conventional mops superfluous. The rotating rollers are permanently moistened with fresh water, while the dirt picked up ends up in the dirty water tank. The floors are then 20 percent cleaner than with conventional mops.* Thanks to its slim design and maneuverable swivel joint, the EWM 2 also fits perfectly under furniture and can also be stored in a space-saving manner. The floor drying time is only about 2 minutes, which makes it completely worry-free to use on all hard floors (e.g. tiles, parquet, laminate, PVC and vinyl). The powerful lithium-ion battery has a runtime of approximately 20 minutes. Thus, the mop cleans up to 60 m² of floor space.

Removes splashes and stains
Replaces the conventional mop and water bucket. Cleans right up to the edge.

Mopping is 20 percent* cleaner than with a mop and much more comfortable.
2-tank system: permanent moistening of the rollers from the fresh water tank, while the dirt is collected in the dirty water tank. Effortless: no bucket dragging, no manual wringing out of the floor cloth, no scrubbing. Rollers washable in washing machine at 60 °C.

Slim product design and floor head with swivel joint.
Easy cleaning under furniture and around objects. Easy transport and comfortable use thanks to low product weight. Space-saving storage.

Suitable for all hard floors (e.g. sealed, oiled, waxed parquet, laminate, tiles, PVC, vinyl).
Thanks to low residual moisture, floors can be walked on again after approx. 2 minutes.
Wide range of cleaning and care products for all types of floors.

Approx. 20 minutes running time thanks to the powerful lithium-ion battery
Maximum freedom of movement when cleaning thanks to independence from the power socket - no more need to change sockets.
3-stage LED display as intuitive battery charge level indicator.

Parking station with roller storage
Practical storage and stowage of the unit and rollers.

2-tank system
Universal roller pair yellow
Cleaning agent, floor cleaning Universal RM 536, 30 ml
Parking station with roller storage
Battery charger

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Alfred Kärcher GmbH
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Electric mop
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