Kärcher battery-powered lawn mower LMO 18-36 Battery Set

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With its light weight and extreme maneuverability, the LMO 18-36 Battery Set battery-powered lawn mower enables effortless mowing even of more complex lawns. Its sharpened steel blade leaves a clean cut result without frayed blades of grass. The cut grass can either be collected in the grass catcher or spread on the lawn as natural fertilizer via the mulching kit - thanks to the 2-in-1 mowing system. For more flexibility, the cutting height can be adjusted in 4 steps. And for comfortable operation, the cordless lawn mower is equipped with a pleasant foam handle and switches on both sides. The fill level indicator, which informs when the catch container needs to be emptied, also proves to be particularly practical. To prevent accidental starting of the lawn mower, the safety key serves as a child safety lock. In addition, the height-adjustable guide bar provides a comfortable working posture and the foldable design ensures space-saving storage. Mowing close to the edge without leaving any residue is also no problem thanks to the lawn combs. The scope of delivery includes battery and quick charger.

Lightweight and maneuverable
The lightweight mower can be effortlessly maneuvered over uneven terrain.
Maneuverability: foolproof maneuvering even around obstacles in the garden.

Mowing up to the lawn edge
The lawn combs automatically catch even grass growing close to the edge.

2-in-1 mowing system
The cut grass is efficiently collected in the grass catcher during mowing.
Mulching function: by using the mulching kit, the cut grass is distributed on the lawn as a natural fertilizer.
Sharpened steel blade for a clean cut result without frayed grass blades.

Easy cutting height adjustment
The cutting height can be adjusted centrally in 4 different positions.

Fill level indicator
The fill level indicator informs when the grass catcher needs emptying.

Ergonomic operating concept
The guide bar can be individually adjusted to suit body size - for an upright working posture at all times.
Foam handle for a secure grip and a comfortable feel.
The switches on both sides allow comfortable operation.

Integrated carrying handle
Integrated carrying handle for effortless transport.

Space-saving design
Foldable guide handle allows for space-saving storage.
Textile catcher folds to a minimum and stores on top of the lawn mower to save space.

Safety key
Protection for children: unintentional starting of the lawn mower is prevented.

18 V Kärcher Battery Power battery platform
Real Time Technology with LCD battery display: remaining run time, remaining charge time and battery capacity.
Durable and powerful thanks to lithium-ion cells.
The exchangeable battery can be used in other 18 V Kärcher Battery Power platform devices.


Scope of delivery
Charger, 18 V Battery Power quick charger (1 piece)
Battery, 18 V / 5.0 Ah Battery Power rechargeable battery (1 piece)
Grass collector
Level indicator
Integrated carrying handle
Mulching kit
Variant, battery and charger included

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Alfred Kärcher GmbH
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mowing machine
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