Kärcher AD 4 Premium ash and dry vacuum cleaner

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The AD 4 Premium ash and dry vacuum cleaner with energy efficiency class A+ (scale A+++ to D), a 600-watt turbine and an exhaust air filter impresses with high and long-lasting suction power. Its integrated filter cleaning system cleans the clogged filter at the touch of a button, so that the suction power is increased again in a flash. A 1-part filter system (with robust flat pleated filter and metal coarse dirt filter) and a practical handle on the container ensure quick and convenient emptying of the dirt container without any contact with dirt. In addition, high-quality, flame-retardant materials provide maximum safety when collecting ash. And thanks to the beveled hand tube, ash residue is conveniently vacuumed up without residue - even in corners and hard-to-reach places in the fireplace. Together with the included floor nozzle for hard-surface cleaning and the high-quality chrome-plated suction tubes, the AD 4 Premium can be used anywhere as a fully-fledged dry vacuum cleaner.Also practical: the accessory storage for the cable and the helpful leaning position for the suction hose or suction tubes with floor nozzle during work interruptions.

Kärcher ReBoost filter cleaning
Integrated filter cleaning at the touch of a button.
For high and long-lasting suction performance.
Enables vacuuming of large amounts of dirt.

1-piece filter system
Consists of flat pleated, metal and coarse dirt filters. In addition, a separate exhaust filter (AD 4 Premium only).
Maximum convenience thanks to easy filter removal and container cleaning without dirt contact.

Flame-retardant material, metal container and coated metal hose.
For maximum safety when vacuuming ash - even when used improperly.

Special accessories for use also as a dry vacuum cleaner.
Also suitable for vacuuming hard floors.
Versatile use.

Beveled hand tube
For residue-free cleaning of all corners and narrow areas in the chimney.

1.7 m suction hose made of coated metal.
For safe working.
High pliability and flexibility.

'Pull & Push' closure system.
Easy and fast opening, closing and emptying of the container.

Practical handles on the container
For convenient emptying of the container.
No contact with dirt.

Practical accessory storage on the unit + parking position.
Space-saving, safe and handy storage of the supplied accessories and connection cable.
Ideal for leaning the suction tubes with floor nozzle and the suction hose during work interruptions.

Flexible working.
High freedom of movement.

Chimney cleaning
Grill cleaning
Removal of cold ash
Removal of coarse dirt (e.g. in workshop, garage or cellar)
Vacuuming of dry dirt

Scope of delivery
Leaning position
Flat pleated filter, 1
suction tubes, 2
Flat pleated filter, polyester, flame retardant
Cable hook
Comfortable handle on the container
Suction tubes, 0.5
Suction tubes, chrome-plated
Suction tubes, 35
Suction hose, 1.7
Suction hose, metal, coated
Shockproof circulation guard
Dry suction nozzle, flame retardant
Accessory storage on the unit

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Alfred Kärcher GmbH
Product type
Special vacuum cleaner
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