Ipure ion air cleaner

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• Patented ion air cleaner for kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc. • Eliminates bad smells from the air such as B. food smell, cigarette smoke, pet smell etc. • whispering and almost maintenance -free operation • Operation at the push of a button • With integrated night light • Suitable for rooms up to 20 m3 • Light and portable • Ideal for on the go The ion air cleaner 'I-Pure' reliably eliminates bad smells contained in the air. The ionizer with an integrated night light is suitable for all rooms in the house. For a odorless, clean room air With the ion air cleaner »I-Pure« you can enjoy a odor-free and clean room air in no time at all. Simply inserted into the socket, the mobile ionizer unfolds its effect and enriches the air with negative ions. These effectively bind dirt and floating particles and ensure fresh air conditions. In this way, you can reliably remove food smells and tobacco smoke etc. with the air purifier - without chemicals and without fragrances that simply overlap the bad smells. The light, portable air purifier with a switchable night light offers whispering operation. It is suitable for rooms up to 20 m3 and ideal for on the go.

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air cleaner
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