Gorilla Sports Shortpish 'E-Series Kurzbellet 25 mm plastic', (with dumbbell bars)

by Gorilla Sports - Seller myWorld.com
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The best way to achieve toned and clearly defined muscles in the chest, shoulder and arm areas is with effective dumbbell training.

The plastic dumbbell set with a hole diameter of 25 mm offers you the basis for varied and efficient training.

With the 28 kg weights and the 1 kg bars, you are well equipped to carefully build and steel your muscles over months.

With their practical plastic casing, the weights do not leave any scratches, even on sensitive floors.

Dumbbells are part of the basic equipment for effective fitness and strength training.

The different weight plates of the dumbbell set can be used to train the different muscle groups in a targeted manner and to repeatedly push your performance limits.

In this way, both a finer definition of the muscles and an increase in volume can be achieved.

Exercises such as bicep curls and tricep presses, lateral shoulder raises and Arnie Press can be performed with the dumbbell set without any additional equipment.

  • 8 weight plates at 2.5 kg each, 4 weight plates at 1.25 kg each, 4 weight plates at 0.75 kg each
  • Incl. 4 star locks to secure the weights
  • 2 dumbbell bars, each 45 cm, diameter 25 mm
  • Non-slip grip surfaces for safe training
  • Threaded weight pad

Product Details

  • Number of dumbbell bars: 2
  • Number of weights 1.25 kg: 4
  • Number of weights 2.5 kg: 8

Dimensions & Weight

  • Dumbbell bar diameter: 25mm
  • Diameter weights 1.25 kg: 128mm
  • Diameter weights 2.5 kg: 159mm
  • Total weight: 30kg
  • Dumbbell bar weight: 1kg
  • Strength weights 1.25 kg: 18mm
  • Strength weights 2.5 kg: 23mm
  • Length of dumbbell bar: 45 cm

Color and Material

  • Material
    • Chrome
    • Steel
  • Filling
    • Sand
    • Cement
  • Cover
    • Plastic
  • Color
  • black
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Gorilla Sports
Gorilla Sports
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