Flawless Body Hair Remover, Set 8-Piece (Ladies)

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With the battery-powered Flawless Body Hair Remover you can gently and painlessly remove hair from all body areas. Arms, armpits, bikini line and legs are silky smooth in seconds, without irritation. Flawless Body can be used in both directions without settling and catches hair with every pull.

Flawless Body gently removes hair from legs, arms, forearms and bikini line - without cuts, stubble or bumps. The high-quality hair remover has a flexible 18-carat gold-plated shaving head that can be used in both directions. Without settling, it catches hair with every pull and achieves particularly smooth results - for flawless skin. With the practical protective attachment you can shave even sensitive areas of the body without any problems. The comfortable soft handle ensures that Flawless Body lies perfectly in the hand and enables precise and particularly easy application! The integrated LED lights illuminate your skin so that no hair is overlooked. Shave anytime, anywhere thanks to the rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Pamper your skin with Flawless Body.

Product Features
Features :
Set consists of:
- 1 x main unit
- 1 x Flexible shearing head
- 1 x comb attachment, 3 mm
- 1 x comb attachment, 5 mm
- 1 x protective attachment
- 1 x protective cover
- 1 x cleaning brush
- 1 x USB charging cable

SKU: 4023012171700


white / pink
Product type
Electric razor
Manufacturer part number
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