Fehn Baby Music Mobile donkey/Windmühle

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The music mobile from the Funny Donkeys collection will conquer your baby's heart in no time. The cute donkeys take your baby on his trip to the land of dreams. The mechanical music box with an on/off switch lets the figures dance and gently weighs your baby with a popular lullaby melody. During the day, the dancing animals awaken babies curiosity and invite you to listen, observe and be amazed. Cuddly soft materials rain babies perception. The figures are easy to lose weight for playing and washing. The mobile scale in the timeless design allows simple fastening. So the music mobile quickly becomes an indispensable on the bed of your sweetheart. Size: approx. Ø40 cm, game function: music box, care instructions: washable at 30 ° C, upper: softvelours, jersey

SKU: 4001998164718


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