Edco Grundig Digital baby scale

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Your little one will be weighed regularly at the health center or at the doctor's. The weight of a baby, toddler or infant gives an indication of how your child is doing. Does your baby lose weight in the first few days after birth? Does your child grow sufficiently afterwards? With this white, digital baby scale from Grundig, you can easily and accurately keep an eye on your child's weight at home. This saves you a trip and can give you a lot of security.

Large weighing range

A baby scale differs from a normal bathroom scale. Thanks to the large weighing surface, you can gently put your baby down to measure their weight. You can also put a blanket on this large area. The scales also have a tare function that resets the position to zero and excludes the ceiling. Is your child a bit older? Then he can sit on the scale himself. The scale is 55 centimeters wide, 32.5 centimeters long and only 3.5 centimeters high. You can easily clean it with a soft cloth.

Exactly to 10 grams up to 20 kilograms

The digital scale measures the weight very precisely, to within 10 grams. You can easily read the weight on the digital LCD display. The baby scale has a range from a minimum of 10 grams to a maximum of 20 kilos. That means you can use it until your child is around a toddler. The scale will display the message 'O-LD' ('overload') if the weight exceeds the maximum of 20 kg. It can display the weight in kilograms, but you can also display it using the 'Unit' button. set to display in pounds.

Battery included

The digital baby scale works with 2 AAA batteries (included). It has an on/off button and turns itself off after a period of time to save energy. You will also get a notification when the batteries are low. In this case the display shows 'LO'.

Specifications Grundig baby scale / bathroom scale

  • Suitable for babies and children up to 20 kilos
  • Works with 2x AAA batteries (included)
  • With digital LCD display
  • Accuracy: 10 grams
  • Unit: kilogram and pound
  • With tare / tare function
  • With on/off button
  • Turns off automatically

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  • The digital baby scale from Grundig impresses with its design and functions.
  • The curved weighing pan ensures that the baby always lies securely on the weighing surface.
  • You can read the values ​​on the LCD display, which is operated with LED lamps.
  • The device can be set to the values ​​kg (kilograms), lbs (pounds) and st (stones).
  • The device requires 2 AAA/LR3 batteries to operate, but these are already included in the product.

    Scope of delivery:

    • 1 x scale
    • 2 x batteries

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