Crystal Monkeys Bracelet FBS125 Flat Back Slot Golden Shadow

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Why not treat yourself to something beautiful and classy again?

Make your wrist sparkle by adorning it with the Flatback Slot FBS5 bracelet from Crystal Monkeys. Crystal Monkeys specialises in the manufacture of crystal bracelets using only Swarovski crystals.

The combination with high-quality leather, Alcantara and metal creates fascinating and unique pieces of jewellery.

Get your hands on it now and get yourself a breathtaking fashion accessory.


  • 376 crystals from Swarovski will give you a glamorous appearance.
  • 1 push button from Swarovski
  • High quality leather, Alcantara and metal, length 39.3 cm x width 1.6 cm
  • SKU: 4251740701436


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