Cilio cane 1.75 liters

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He's the star in the cup. In a worldwide comparison, tea is dependent on coffee, it is the most popular drink after water. In contrast to cool water, tea is not consumed as a quick thirst quencher. His followers prepare it with patience and enjoy it consciously, preferably refined with sugar, lemon or cream. The tea culture also includes the right dishes. The porcelain jug from cilio is the perfect basic for all tea lovers. It is made of white, fireproof hard porcelain, which was fired at approx. 1,300°C. The pot is made of a white, fireproof porcelain. The pot gets along without bells and whistles, stands for pure pleasure and fits on every beautifully set table. How about an East Frisian tea pot with a herb-aromatic black tea mixture, Kluntje Kandis and a cream cloud?

+ Basic for tea lovers
+ timeless beautiful hard porcelain
+ available in 2 sizes

SKU: 4017166105155


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