Bowl set »Olympia«, 3 tlg., Apple green

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With the large, round bowl and the right, green lid you can freshen up such as salad, meat, vegetables, fruit and desserts. Appropriately, there is one included. - Large, round bowl with a matching, green lid and a Seher - Suitable for fresh, serving and transporting dishes such as salad, meat, vegetables, fruit and desserts - Transparent bowls (volume: 4.4 liters) with a suitable and sealing lid for drip -free storage and transport - bowl and his stackable into each other - Green Seher (Ø 23 cm) with elongated slots - Suitable for the bowl - for washing and draining leaf salads as well as fruit and vegetables Article characteristics Features - consisting of a bowl 4.4 l with densely closed lid and a Seiher Ø 230 mm - dishwasher -safe - Made in Germany - 5 year guarantee - BPA-free - High-quality plastic - with lid in apple green - Seher

SKU: 4004094000232


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