Böker Saga G-10 Stonewash Gift Set

by Böker - Seller myWorld.com
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With our kitchen knife series Böker Saga, handmade in our manufactory in Solingen, we are building a bridge and raising the topic of cutting in the kitchen to a new level.

Our decades of experience in the field of outdoor knives and the wealth of ideas and creativity of the Danish knifemaker Jesper Voxnæs have been incorporated into the concept and design of Saga to set new ergonomic and cutting standards. The careful transfer of this shared know-how to the culinary field ensures that working with Böker Saga becomes a unique experience.

The gently curved handles are made of indestructible black G10, which is neither sensitive to temperature nor humidity. The successful ergonomics of the Böker Saga knife series become clear right from the first contact with the knife: each bow, each swing in the line nestles in its place in the hand and conveys absolute control and an outstanding cutting experience. The dovetail-like widened handle end of the larger models provides additional grip security. Böker Saga owes its high stability to the completely continuous tang, which runs through the knife (in the same design as many hunting knives) from the tip of the blade to the end of the handle. For optimum cutting performance, not only the complete flat grinding of the blade with Stonewash finish stands for, but also the choice of 440C as the blade steel, which far surpasses conventional kitchen knife steels in terms of cutting durability and corrosion resistance. This surface finish, produced in a special grinding process, is characterised by excellent sliding properties in the material to be cut and thus promotes the already excellent cutting performance. Furthermore, the microstructure of the Stonewash finish is extremely insensitive to scratches, as these are often lost optically in the structure. The large hollow rivets, which unmistakably bear the signature of Jesper Voxnæs, set the special accent.

The high-quality 2-piece Saga gift set consists of the Chef's Knife for cutting meat, fish, fruit and vegetables and for weighing and chopping herbs as well as the high-quality Böker Honing Strap with supple leather on both sides for polishing the blade. Thanks to the included grinding and care paste, the honing belt brings the perfect finish to every blade.

Product Features
Features :
Total length: 32,4 cm
Blade length: 19,8 cm
Blade thickness: 2.5 mm
Weight: 215 g
Designer: Jesper Voxnæs
Blade material: 440C
Handle material: G10
Closure: Fixed

SKU: 4045011147524


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Height (cm)
Gross weight (kg)
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