Böker Plus Tech Tool City 1 Pocket Knife, black

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The Böker Plus Strike rounds off our wide range of automatic knives as a robust switch knife for everyday use. The slim handle is based on steel plates, which are equipped with easy-grip milled and lightweight aluminum shells. Aluminum is a relatively soft and tough metal, it is very light and at the same time has high strength. The light metal is also recyclable. Deep grooves in the pronounced thumb recess support a secure hand position. The closed knife is additionally secured by a neatly locking slide lock against accidental release. Pressing the button releases the blade, and the tension of the spring behind it releases it automatically. The spearpoint blade is made from the AUS-8 developed in Japan and given a stonewash finish. There is a reversible clip (tip-up / tip-down) on the back.

Item characteristics
Technical details Handle thickness 12mm.
Total length: 16.7 cm
Blade length: 7.1 cm
Blade thickness: 2.3 mm
Weight: 57 g
Blade material: 12C27
Handle material: G10
Opening aid: nail cut
Opening: manual
Closure: slipjoint
Color: Black
Blade color: Uncoated

SKU: 4045011123948


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