Alpina Treteeimer 5LTR D20,5x28cm

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This 5 litre waste bin is perfect for your bathroom, toilet and nursery. This odourless, tight-closing waste bin has a removable plastic inner bin that is easy to empty and clean. So stylish you can sing in the bathroom. Pedal bin liners are not only cult beauties, but also reliable household aids.

Robust and always stable, thanks to non-slip bottom and tilt resistant block. Thanks to the unique damping, the lid closes gently and quietly. And of course the pedal buckets are odour-proof and easy to open, move and clean. These pedal buckets offer you years of trouble-free fun and an excellent price-performance ratio!

The small size of the pedal bin makes it ideal for use in the kitchen or bathroom. So you can easily dispose all your small waste without it getting in your way. Is it not in the right place? No problem, because its low weight makes it very easy to move!

SKU: 8711252077550


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