Activity spiral Bruno 30cm from 0 months

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fabric spiral with animal fans to grab, feel, play, promote griffin and touch of gripping & the fine motor skills, for home & on the way, for babies and toddlers from 0+ months --- First first discovery and game fun: with the Activity spiral from the Bruno collection is guaranteed to be a good mood! With the colorful mix of functions and colors for observing, playing, playing, playing, playing, playing, playing, the soft toys. Rattles and mirrors on the fish, the twittering in the bear and the squeak in the cloud train first hand-eye coordination, as well as the sense of hearing and touch. Fasted and flexibly attached to baby seats, strollers, beds or playpens - this makes every adventure to an experience and no trip boring! --- with squeak, animal voice, rattle, mirror and material mix / for babies and toddlers from 0+ months / dimensions: 30 cm long / upper material: plush, soft velor, fabric-at 30 ° C washable / ideal as a gift for birth, baptism Or as a birthday present for babies and toddlers / of independent test institutes checked for safety

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