Abanico Light Stax Puzzle Stax Dino M-03003

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This set contains 10 printed STAX in 2x2 format. With these, four exciting DINO motifs can be built. The included USB Power Base (4x4) can be powered either with 3 AAA batteries (enclosed) or via a USB cable (also enclosed).

Your kids love to play with building blocks? Then the LIGHT STAX® building blocks will be an absolute highlight for them.

LIGHT STAX® bricks light up thanks to an integrated LED, which is an incredible joy, especially when playing in the evening or in the fall and winter time. By simply plugging them together (a nub is enough to pass on the light function), brick after brick can be made to glow and built into fantastically beautiful light objects. So first the LIGHT STAX® light up and then the children's eyes! LIGHT STAX® are 100% compatible with traditional, non-lighting bricks.

The LIGHT STAX® start to glow as soon as they are connected either to the base plate - or to an already glowing building block. Either batteries (3 x AAA) or the USB connection can serve as the power source of the base element.

For children from 2 years.

10 LED building blocks in white 

Four different dinosaur motifs UV-printed

Incl. USB power base (incl. batteries and USB cable)

From 2 years

100% compatible with standard building blocks

Children and the young at heart always find joy in playing with building blocks. They can be used to develop creativity through play. The Light Stax® building blocks are equipped with a light-up function. By simply plugging the bricks together, the light function is passed on and thus brick for brick

building block to light up. The building blocks are 100% compatible with commercially available (non-luminous) building blocks. This puzzle set contains 10 building blocks, which depending on the assembly result in four different dinos. The age recommendation is 3 years.

- 10 building blocks

- light-up function

- 4 different dinos

- Compatible with other building blocks

- Suitable from 3 years

CAUTION: Not suitable for children under 3 years, due to choking hazard caused by small parts.

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Age recommendation
from 2 years
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